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Your Life is Worth Credit

Use Your Experience to Further Your Education

In today’s world, experience is everything. Whether you are seeking a job or a degree, life and career experiences are invaluable in attaining your goals. Many institutions now recognize that learning occurs everywhere, not just within the walls of a university. Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) allows you to use the skills, training and knowledge gained in the workforce to attain a degree. PLA is a helpful option for busy adults who have learned through life experiences and wish to use that knowledge to further their education. PLA is quickly becoming a common method of acquiring college-level credit and offers adult students the opportunity to move toward a degree more quickly.

Several institutions within the University System of Georgia use Prior Learning Assessment to grant credits toward your degree, based upon relevant experience. If you’ve traveled, served in the military, or earned significant experience in the workforce, PLA might be for you.

What You Need to Know

Prior Learning Assessment is a process put in place by some institutions that allows students to acquire credit hours for learning acquired through work, life and practical experiences.

After reviewing and submitting your qualifications and undergoing assessment, your experience may be recognized and used for class credits. Some experiences that may qualify are job training, licensure, seminars, military service, travel, and volunteering. However, each institution differs in what it recognizes and how many credits will be awarded.

Your institution will work with you to assess your experience and award credits toward college-level learning if applicable. Methods of assessment range from written examinations to PLA courses, interviews, training and certificate evaluation, and portfolio review. It is important to check with each individual institution to learn about specific requirements for Prior Learning Assessment. It is also not guaranteed that you will receive credit for your experiences, and this often depends on the number and type of assessment techniques utilized by the institution.

Is This for Me?

Prior Learning Assessment is for adult learners who have gained significant work and life experience that may be equivalent to coursework necessary to attain a degree. PLA is especially useful for professionals and current or former members of the military, who may use updated, relevant knowledge to boost their education. PLA is also helpful for busy adults seeking to lessen the amount of time spent taking classes for a degree. If you are unsure as to whether PLA is right for you, visit the institution’s website to learn more about qualifications and methods of assessment.

Get Credit Toward Your Degree!

Another bonus for our adult learners is the option to determine if you have creditable college-level learning acquired through life and work experiences that could accelerate degree attainment through one of our PLA tools. Many Georgians use PLAs to get the credit they deserve towards their college degree. A college degree — what’s it worth to you? Everything! If you are interested in applying for Prior Learning Assessment, visit the campuses’ individual websites above to learn more about:

  • Qualifications
  • Course Credits
  • Tuition/Financial Aid

Adult Learning Consortium Campuses

Currently, thirteen USG campuses form the Adult Learning Consortium. This Consortium is designed to assist in improving adult learner-focused services, programs and outreach to Georgia adults who are interested in completing college. Consortium campuses offer degree programs that are aligned with strategic workforce needs such as healthcare, law enforcement, general business and others. Explore the Consortium campus websites below and use the Georgia ONmyLINE website to learn more about online education opportunities offered by the consortium institutions.

Adult Learning Consortium Campuses